It's A Lockdown!

We are the Fine family: Daddy Fine, Mommy Fine, little Anne and sweet Jessica

You are Daddy Fine. All you want to do is to play on your C-64, to drink beer, to get drunk and to relax. Mission impossible in these lockdown days!

Your scene / real-life balance is way out of order:

- Pass by the sofa where your wife switches through the channels.

- Keep your cute little girls from fighting each other.

- Attend to your 24/7 homeoffice video conferences so that your boss is happy.

That`s what a good Daddy does!

See if you can survive your day until the pizza man arrives at 7 pm.

How long will you be able to last? A day, a week, even longer?

Take up the challenge and try not to lose your mind!

This game was developed exclusively for "The C64 'Cassette 50' Charity Competition". It loads from $0801-$0fff and uses no memory above $0fff.


Programming, graphics and sound by fieserWolF / Abyss-Connection

(C) 2021 fieserWolF

There is no download available. This is because this game is part of a competition submission which was made exclusively for the C64 Cassette 50 Charity Competition:

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